NVIDIA GRID Cloud Gaming Review

NVIDIA GRID Cloud Gaming Review

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  • NVIDIA GRID Cloud Gaming Review


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Cloud-based streaming technology has transformed the movie and music industries by delivering unlimited content to consumer devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and TVs. Millions of users now experience the convenience of streaming video and music services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and Pandora.

It's only natural that gaming—the fastest growing media segment and a $68 billion
industry—would follow this trend. NVIDIA is building on a unique legacy in gaming graphics and graphic performance to lead the way in defining the cloud-gaming experience.


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NVIDIA GRID is the foundation for the ideal on-demand gaming service, providing tremendous advantages over traditional console gaming systems.
  • Any-device gaming: High-quality, low-latency, multi device gaming on any PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone, and TV.
  • Click-to-play simplicity: Anytime access to a library of gaming titles and saved games in the cloud. Play or continue games from any device, anywhere.
  • Less hassle: No new hardware. No complicated setup. No game discs. No digital downloads. No game installations. No game patches.


NVIDIA is the leader in gaming graphics and performance, delivering the industry’s most trusted technology for the smoothest, most realistic gaming experience. For many years, NVIDIA has also worked with leading supercomputer centers to build the fastest computers in the world, including the world record-holding Titan supercomputer.

NVIDIA GRID leverages some of this same technology to render and stream games from the cloud, with thousands of engineers dedicated to creating the ultimate system for service operators. Think of it as a gaming supercomputer in the cloud, built by NVIDIA.


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Count on industry-leading technology to provide an ultra high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective cloud gaming system.
  • More concurrent users: Enable up to 36 HD-quality game streams from a single server using NVIDIA’s new GPU virtualization technology.
  • Power efficiency: With the ability to serve up to 36 concurrent users, operators can expect a dramatic reduction in the cost and amount of power consumed per game stream.
  • NVIDIA VGX HyperVisor: The VGX Hypervisor manages GPU resources to allow multiple users to share GPU hardware while improving user density and creating a true PC gaming experience in the cloud.
  • Lower latency: NVIDIA has focused on reducing game server latency, achieving an amazing 30 ms reduction with the NVIDIA GRID platform. The end result is a cloud gaming experience that feels like playing on a local console.
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High Density Multi-stream Cloud Architecture

Multiple GPUs per Server and Multiple Users per GPU with NVIDIA VGX Hypervisor Technology delivers high densities of Game Streams per NVIDIA GRID Server


NVIDIA’s dedication to game developers is unmatched in the industry and provides the foundation for bringing amazing PC gaming to the cloud.
  • More games: NVIDIA’s dedicated developer team has worked side by side for over a decade with hundreds of developers to ensure that the best titles are ready for NVIDIA GRID.
  • More technology: NVIDIA technologies give game developers the tools needed to develop the cutting-edge effects in the hottest AAA titles.
  • More performance: By lending engineering and hardware support to game developers, NVIDIA assures that games perform best on NVIDIA hardware.

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