ASUS DRW-24B5ST DVD Writer Review

ASUS DRW-24B5ST DVD Writer Review

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  • ASUS DRW-24B5ST DVD Writer Review

The world's first optical disk drive bundled with both Cyberlink and Nero burning solutions

ASUS Launches DRW-24B5ST DVD Writer

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The 2012/01/31, ASUS launched the DRW-24B5ST, the first DVD writer bundled with two of the top disc burning solutions around. With ASUS-exclusive E-Green and OTS technology, this disc drive consumes less energy and increases the burning rate by auto-detecting the type of disc before adjusting its power requirements to suit the task at hand. The E-Hammer and Disc Encryption II features give the users the most secure methods of data protection. The DRW-24B5ST is the one drive for users who are looking for additional data protection, energy efficiency and faster burning rates.

Bundled with two top rated burning software suites

The ASUS DRW-24B5ST is the first optical disc drive to come bundled with not one, but two top branded burning software solutions: Nero Essentials 10 and Cyberlink Power2Go 7. Nero Essentials 10 is one of the world’s most popular CD/DVD recording software available in the market and in addition to the basic functions; it also comes with three special features. Discspeed utility and Infotool utility allows users to test the performance of the drive while Gracenote, is an advanced music recognition technology which automatically offers users up–to-date album and track information with each ripping of a music CD. Power2Go 7 software suite is a complete burning tool that provides users the extra credibility in file protection and encryption of data. With two of the top software solutions bundled together, the DRW-24B5ST is the only DVD writer that offers choice when choosing the most appropriate burning solution.

Double the security, double the protection

With ASUS Disc Encryption II from Power2Go 7, users can double their backups with security measures like password control and hidden file functions. This way, users can simply lock away any partial files or an entire disc data with just a single password thus safeguarding any important documents left unattended at all times. And with the all new ASUS E-Hammer technology, it can permanently delete data thus saving the hassle of physically destroying the disc.

Green product design

Conventional optical disc drives consume power even when it is not in use but with ASUS E-Green technology, the DRW-24B5ST auto-closes the drive application when at idle, thereby reducing power consumption by 50%. ASUS optical disc drives also avoid using any of the six hazardous substances thus meeting ASUS Green standards for preservation of our planet.

Superior burning experience

With ASUS OTS Technology (Optimal Tuning Strategy), the success rate of disc burning increases thanks to the auto-detection of the type of disc before burning to adjust its power requirements. With this technology, disc failure during burning is drastically reduced and burning quality is improved thus providing the best recording experience for users.

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