ASUS Stylish RT-N14U Router | AiCloud Support

ASUS Stylish RT-N14U Router | AiCloud Support

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  • ASUS Launches Stylish RT-N14U Value Router with ASUS AiCloud Support

The RT-N14U wireless N300 router is the first ASUS value router supporting the ASUS AiCloud app, which allows content syncing, sharing, streaming, and access. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows PC. A USB port enables 3G/4G connection backup plus printer and FTP server functions. Software features include ASUSWRT 30-second setup and network management, Download Master remote downloads, parental controls, and guest access.

Brings affordable access to a complete cloud experience, with 3G/4G sharing, printer and file server functionality, plus 30-second setup


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ASUS today announced the feature-rich RT-N14U wireless N300 router, priced at just US$70 for wide appeal to home users. The RT-N14U is capable of 300Mbit/s 802.11n Wi-Fi and supports the ASUS AiCloud platform with enhanced specifications relative to its price point.Using ASUS AiCloud, customers can sync, share, stream, and access content from wherever an internet connection is available.

The RT-N14U features a USB 2.0 port to enable plug-n-play connections with 3G/4G adapters, external storage, and printers. It can easily act as a printer and FTP server as well as a cellular network failover backup for LAN and WAN connections. ASUS software features include the ASUSWRT interface for 30-second setup and easy network management, Download Master remote-managed downloads, parental controls, and guest access.


ASUS AiCloud platform support

ASUS AiCloud is integrated into specific versions of the ASUSWRT interface, and requires routers with a USB port. Previously only much pricier high-end ASUS routers were configured for ASUS AiCloud, and the RT-N14U is significant in bringing support for the service to a much more affordable segment.

ASUS AiCloud offers complete cloud access with a host of features while maintaining strict security and privacy. Customers can sync, share, stream, and access content located on connected USB storage from any location, using the RT-N14U as their home cloud server. ASUS AiCloud is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows PC. It merges seamlessly with the ASUS WebStorage service and offers link-based sharing. Customers can send a link for other users to download shared content from, which is much faster than navigating a public cloud interface. This can be done via email, SMS, or popular applications such as WhatsApp and LINE.


User-friendly bundled software

The highly intuitive ASUSWRT interface allows 30-second setup and easy network monitoring and management. It also offers one-click QoS (quality of service) bandwidth optimization based on connection type, number of networked devices, and applications being run. Its graphical interface gives customers the tools they need to quickly map networks, set up printer and file sharing, and enable parental controls that restrict access to certain websites or types of content. The RT-N14U package also includes Download Master with support for downloading directly to router-attached USB storage so downloads continue even with the destination PC shut down. Remote download management is also available, and the ASUSWRT interface includes detailed guest access controls to help customers share connections with greater security and ease of use.


Premium black diamond design

The RT-N14U features the eye-catching glossy and textured black diamond finish previously seen on high-end ASUS routers, making it an instant standout in its price segment. The use of internal antennas further streamlines the RT-N14U, which supports horizontal and vertical placement thanks to the bundled stand. 

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