Win32/ Olmarik Trojan virus

Win32/ Olmarik Trojan virus

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Win32/ Olmarik Trojan virus is the latest virus that attacked me. It was the beginning of the end back then. The Win32/ Olmarik Trojan virus entered my computer while I was browsing the web.

Actually, when my anti-virus prompted about it, saying that it was blocked, I was relieved as nothing happened to my computer and really nothing happened until a certain moment. So, I did not care about it as I thought it was already cleaned and deleted.

I did everything as usual: after using the computer, I turned it off and then, later, I turned it on again for use. This was when the effect took effect.

I did not know but the effect of Win32/ Olmarik Trojan virus starts at a computer reboot. The effects was that it started slowing my computer down at an extreme rate. Later, I came to know that the virus uses the system memory and use most of them to download further threads.

Nod32 could not remove it. Normally, Spyware Doctor should have done the job but I cannot understand why it did not work for me.

I was left with no other option than to format my hard drive. (Well, even though, the graphics card of my laptop failed afterwards)

What I recommend you to do if you are infected with this virus is to use Spyware Doctor. It should normally work. My case was an exception.

And if you have not been infected by it, that`s good. However, I recommend taking precautions beforehand. You should install a good anti-virus with internet protection so that both your files and internet activities are protected.

Also, do not visit all kinds of sites. Visit only the trusted ones.

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