Enjoy this blog with Dynamic Views

Enjoy this blog with Dynamic Views

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  • Enjoy this blog with Dynamic Views

In this post, I`ll show you a way to view this blog in various Dynamic views.

As you may know, this blog is made using Google`s Blogger. Blogger has a feature that allows the author of blogs to select whether they want to allow Dynamic views or not. Well, I have allowed it for this blog.

First, I`ll show you how to enable this feature (if you are blogging with Google`s Blogger). This is quite simple. Bloggers need to select the site they want to enable this ‘Dynamic Views’ feature from the Dashboard. Under the ‘Settings’ section, the blogger should go to the ‘Formatting’ tab, scroll down the page, and select ‘Yes’ for the ‘Enable Dynamic Views’ option.

Enjoy this Blogger blog with Dynamic Views pic1

Well, this should do it. Save the settings and use the trick below to verify if the Dynamic Views are working.

Now, if you are a viewer or visitor and want to view this blog with Dynamic views, you only need to type ‘view’ after the homepage URL. For example, here, it will appear like this:


Press Enter and you will be able to view this blog in Dynamic views. Note that the Dynamic views do not consider the blog`s original template, but have their own templates.

There are different Dynamic views.

Dynamic view #1 : Flipcard
Dynamic view #2 : Mosaic
Dynamic view #3 : Sidebar
Dynamic view #4 : Snapshot
Dynamic view #5 : Timeslide

These are the currently available Dynamic Views of Google`s Blogger blogs. Maybe they will add more views in the future. To change between these different Dynamic Views, visitors need to go to the top ribbon, and change the view.

Enjoy this Blogger blog with Dynamic Views pic2

Well, this was a small post on how to enable ‘Dynamic Views’ and view Blogger blogs in Dynamic views. It is really enjoying to the eyes to view these different Dynamic views.

Here are some notes that you should consider:-

The /view works only after the homepage URL of the blog. If you try it at another inner page, it will not work directly. However, you can access these inner pages through the Dynamic Views from the homepage.

If a Blogger blog author has not enabled this ‘Dynamic Views’ feature, viewers will not be able to view the blog in Dynamic views. When they will try the /view method, they will be redirected to the original template of the blog.

In ‘Dynamic Views’, visitors will not be able to social bookmark the articles, nor insert comments. So, I recommend using the original template to do so. Widgets and additional options may not be available in these Dynamic views. Share this post on Enjoy this blog with Dynamic Views

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