ASUS ESC4000 GPU Server

ASUS ESC4000 GPU Server

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ASUS announced the release of the ESC4000 GPU server on the 14th April 2011. Following the previous ESC server series, ASUS releases the ESC4000 GPU server in a 2U rack model. This is the first for the ESC series servers.

With this innovative high density design, the ASUS ESC4000 GPU server offers almost twice the performance relative to the similar products requiring the same space. The ASUS ESC4000 GPU server fits for various high-end applications, including scientific, weather and financial modeling, as well as advanced medical and life sciences uses, and this is mainly due to its flexible design, advanced parallel computing performance and versatile hardware.

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As for the central processing unit (CPU), up to 2 CPUs can be installed on the ASUS ESC4000 GPU server at the same time to provide extra processing power. Additionally, the expansion slot architecture can support up to 4 double-deck TeslaTM M2050/2070 GPU boards, and this provides a great boost to the computational output of the ASUS ESC4000 GPU server, and can be up to 1.07 TFLOPS double precision performance at Linpack.

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Referred to as 8+1 by ASUS, this new design includes 8 expansion slots and a dedicated PIKE channel, which enables many different RAID storage configurations. This new design of the ASUS ESC4000 GPU server also uses the InfiniBand™ interconnect technology, which allows data transfer with other devices linked to the server at very high speed. It is also possible to daisy-chain the ASUS ESC4000 GPU server with other servers for a powerful networking and clustering. However, you should note that these are only possible with the ESC4000/IB, where the speed is 20GB/s.

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The ASUS ESC4000 GPU server also comes with an effective power saving and consumption limitation plan. The ASUS ESC4000 GPU server features an intelligent cooling design, with fan controls, as well as the ASUS exclusive EPU (Energy Processing Unit), which provides a good monitoring and control on the power requirements and tries to limit the energy consumption. The fans adapt themselves according to the prevailing temperature of the system, slowing down when the server is idle. This compromised speed, supervised by the ASUS EPU, provides an optimized performance, while saving energy at the same time.

Moreover, with the dual 80+ Gold power supplies available on the ASUS ESC4000 GPU server, uninterrupted operation is assured, as well as efficient power consumption. The ASUS ESC4000 GPU server also supports virtualization, so that users can create multiple virtual machines. Share this post on ASUS ESC4000 GPU Server

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