Testing Corsair Power Supply

Testing Corsair Power Supply

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  • Testing Corsair Power Supply

In this tutorial, you will learn yet another method of experimenting with your computer hardware, especially Corsair hardware. This time, we will see how it is possible to test a Corsair power supply without needing a motherboard. That`s quite simple.

Here are the equipments you will need to test the Corsair power supply following this tutorial:-

  1. Corsair power supply
  2. Power cord
  3. ATX 20-24 pin PSU connector and 4 Pin Peripheral Connector
  4. Paperclip
  5. One or more case fans
  6. 2/3 pin case fan connector to Molex adapter if needed
Testing Corsair Power Supply - Equipment

Step 1: ( Step for AX/HX series only)

The first thing to do is to connect both the 20-24 pin (AX Series) and the 4-pin Molex (AX/HX series) connector to the Corsair power supply unit (PSU) by using the cables provided with the power supply. You should note that on many of the Corsair Power supplies (PSUs), these cables are permanently connected.
Testing Corsair Power Supply - Connectors

Step 2:

Now, you need to attach the case fan to the Molex connector. If your case fan only has a 2/3 pin connector, use a 2/3 pin case fan connector to Molex adapter. Actually, the Corsair power supply (PSU) has a built-in fan, but depending on the series, it might not spin without a certain amount of load or reaches a certain temperature.
Testing Corsair Power Supply - Connections

Step 3:

Then, open and bend the paper clip into a u-shape as in the picture.
Testing Corsair Power Supply - Paper clip

Step 4:

You will use the paper clip to connect it to the 20/24 pin connecter. Usually the wires are color coded (one green wire and multiple black wires), but with the Corsair AX version power supplies, they are all black. So to bridge the correct pins, face the cable the exact same way shown in the picture below. Locate the pin which is indicated in Green (your green wire) and yellow (your black wire) on the picture below and bridge the two using the paperclip. One way to help make sure you have the correct pins, locate the missing pin on the 20/24 connector (boxed in blue) as it should be on the same row with the bridged pins (all Corsair PSU series have a missing pin).
Testing Corsair Power Supply - Bridge

Final Step:

Finally, make sure the switch on the back of the PSU is set to ( O ) before plugging each side of the power cable to the power supply and the wall outlet. Once the power cord is plugged into both the wall and power supply, make sure to check if all connections are good. Once complete, turn the switch on the back of the power supply to ( I ) and see if the case fan spins. If so you have a functioning PSU!

And that`s it for testing your Corsair power supply. This tutorial was originally made by Carlos Pascual for the Corsair blog. All credits go to him. And, I hope that this tutorial helped you guys here too. Share this post on Testing Corsair Power Supply

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