Advantages of laptops over tablets

Advantages of laptops over tablets

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  • Advantages of laptops over tablets

Tablets are the talk around the world at the moment, and it cannot be denied that tablets come with lots of facilities and advantages, especially those with excellent specifications. However, they have their limitations, when compared to laptops, and that`s what we will be discussing in this post.

Advantages of laptops over tablets #1 : Laptops are more robust

It cannot be denied that laptops are far more robust than tablets. Sure, tablets are portable and can be protected in a protective case, but even so, tablets (especially the screen) are more vulnerable to damages.

Advantages of laptops over tablets #2 : Tablets can easily be lost

With its small size, tablets can be easily lost, and if stolen, the owner may not even be aware. Losing a laptop will immediately be known.

Advantages of laptops over tablets #3 : Storage, Processor

Users using the iPad2 have noticed that the storage capacity is quickly filled up, and there don`t seem to have any announcement for having SD card for extra storage. Laptops have more storage capacity. When it comes to processors, it is too obvious. The processors available on laptops are far better than those of laptops. And it is known that the number of simultaneous tasks that can be done is REALLY one or two.

Advantages of laptops over tablets #4 : Less privacy with tablets

Privacy is a very important issue for most people, and that`s quite a problem with the tablet. When reading anything on tablets, anyone behind you can easily take a peek at what you are doing. This problem can be prevented with a laptop with the back of the screen to prevent other people from the front to look at what you are doing.

Advantages of laptops over tablets #5 :  More supports on laptops

Laptops have far more supports and connections than tablets. You may find HDMI, Bluetooth, and wireless support on tablets, and some tablets do not even support USB 2.0 ports. Laptops, in addition to supporting the above features, even have USB 3.0 ports (this is far faster than USB 2.0), eSATA for adding solid-state drives, DVI or VGA for external displays, and many more … Touchscreens also have many limitations and drain battery life more rapidly. Tablets lack many features like optical drives, built-in surround sounds, a well-positioned webcam, keyboard, and others.

Advantages of laptops over tablets #6 :  Bugs and problems

The best operating system for tablets right now is undoubtedly Android Honeycomb, which is still version 1, unlike Windows and other operating systems like Mac, which have been tested for years, debugged and improved. Honeycomb has a long way for these processes. Now, if users want other OSes, this will bring quite some confusion – which one to use; Google Android, BlackBerry, Apple, or HP WebOS??? Now, with laptops, you choice is smaller and normally between Windows and Mac. (Linux seems to be dying now.) Tablets also work wonders only when on online, and is of very little news offline. So, even if they are more portable, they still require the internet connections for the proper use.

Advantages of laptops over tablets #7 :  Edit media options, applications

Laptops have more editing options for media, with the proper program installed, than tablets which are restricted to a very few options that do not even match those available on laptops. This is not limited to media software only. Though Apple has many applications, Windows and other operating systems are no different, but in fact, provide a far wider range of applications. There`s also more programs like Excel and others, with full compatibility, which is not the case for tablets. Tablets cannot support the full media rich content of the internet and web pages, but have a restricted view, and sometimes, do not even support some features. It seems that iPad do not support some flash content too, thus, limiting content display.

Advantages of laptops over tablets #8 :  Laptops are cheaper and can be upgraded

Tablets are much more expensive than laptops for the good features. Additionally, most laptops can be easily upgraded for better performance. If your laptop is lagging, RAM can be purchased to increase speed. This also applies to storage capacity and other laptop parts such as batteries. Also, if you already possess a tablet, you should have seen that you additionally need a laptop so that you can extend and use specific features. Laptops are be used alone, without the need of other alternative devices. Laptops have variable price, depending on the type you wish for. However, tablets are only sold with a very small range of prices that are all expensive

There are other advantages that laptops have over tablets. Feel free to add anything that you think is missing from the list to make it more complete. Now, this is no to say that tablets are completely useless and do not have any advantages over laptops, but it`s only listing some of the advantages of laptops.

So, which one do you prefer, and why? Need to add anything, or correct any point mentioned above? Feel free to participate Share this post on Advantages of laptops over tablets

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