Seagate Constellation® ES.2 Hard Drives Review

Seagate Constellation® ES.2 Hard Drives Review

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  • Seagate Constellation® ES.2 Hard Drives Review

3TB capacity-optimized enterprise hard drive for bulk-data applications

3TB* • 7200 RPM • 6Gb/s SAS • SATA 6Gb/s
Enhanced RV tolerance • SED

Maximum capacity. Minimum effort.

  • Model ST33000651SS | 6-Gb/s SAS | 3 TB | Encryption
  • Model ST33000651NS | SATA 6Gb/s | 3 TB | Encryption
  • Model ST33000650SS | 6-Gb/s SAS | 3 TB | None
  • Model ST33000650NS | SATA 6Gb/s | 3 TB | None
  • Capacity — Maximize your data center footprint by storing up to 152TB per square foot
  • Efficiency — Save on power and cooling costs
  • Enterprise-class reliability — Ensures consistent, scalable and reliable data access
  • Data integrity and security — Enterprise-class 6Gb/s SAS ensures data is stored reliably and SED option protects data where it lives*

Key Features and Benefits
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  • Industry’s highest capacity enterprise drive for sustaining demanding data growth
  • Fifth-generation, capacity-optimized nearline drive designed for 24x7 enterprise reliability
  • SAS-based, end-to-end data integrity and enhanced error correction for accurate data storage
  • Best-in-class enhanced rotational vibration tolerance ensures consistent bulk data performance
  • Improved power and cooling efficiencies with low power consumption and enhanced PowerChoice™ technology
  • Multi-drive firmware maximized for enterprise system availability
  • Robust performance with dual processor and ramp load technologies
  • Self-Encrypting Drives with FIPS (140-2) certification are government-approved for the U.S. and Canadian governments.**
*Requires TCG-compliant host or controller support. Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) security option (SAS models only) eliminates the need to overwrite or physically destroy drives, enables safe return of drives for warranty or expired lease purposes and allows organizations to securely repurpose or sell hard disk drives. Not available in all models or countries.

**FIPS (140-2) certification is pending.

Energy-Efficient High Capacities
  • Constellation ES.2 drives operate on average at fewer than 12W—the lowest 3TB* drive operating power in the industry. Save up to 54% more by implementing Seagate
  • PowerChoice™ technology’s on-demand idle power savings feature.
  • Maximize data center footprint utilization by supporting up to 114TB per square foot. Reliable Storage Always Available for Your 24x7 World
  • 1.2M hours MTBF and 0.73% AFR deliver the highest level of reliability for a 24x7 capacity optimized drive.
  • Data is stored accurately with SAS-based advanced error correction capabilities.
  • Chassis performance is improved through top-cover attached (TCA) motor design.
  • Best-in-class vibration tolerance ensures consistent, reliable data access and
  • performance in multi-drive systems.

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The Seagate Advantage
Built upon leading experience in enterprise storage, the Constellation ES.2 drive maximizes capacity while providing best-in-class features. The Constellation ES.2 drive significantly improves performance with a 6Gb/s interface, the first capacity-optimized drive with 6Gb/s performance in both SAS and SATA interfaces. Improved data security comes from Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) technology based on the AES-256 standard and with FIPS 140-2† solutions that protect data where it lives—on the drive. In addition, the Constellation ES.2 drive carries the Seagate® 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Designed for Your Growing Needs
Ideally suited for use in both server and networked storage bulk-data solutions, the Constellation ES.2 drive offers a host of impressive enterprise features along with a faster, more successful integration experience.

The Constellation ES.2 drive, with its maximum capacity and robust enterprise reliability, provides a sustainable solution for your expanding data storage needs; designed to meet and exceed your expectations, it allows you to come in under power and under budget.

Best-Fit Applications
  • High-capacity bulk-data center storage
  • Mainstream enterprise external storage arrays (SAN, NAS, DAS)
  • Enterprise backup and restore — D2D, virtual tape
  • Centralized surveillance
  • Cloud storage

Technical Specifications of Seagate® Constellation® ES.2 SAS 6Gb/s 3-TB Hard Drive with Secure Encryption


Model Number ST33000651SS
Interface 6-Gb/s SAS
Cache 64MB
Capacity 3TB
Areal density (avg) 444Gb/in2
Guaranteed Sectors 5,860,533,168
Height (maximum) 26.10mm (1.028 in)
Width (maximum) 101.85mm (4.010 in)
Length (maximum) 147.00mm (5.787 in)
Weight (typical) 700g (1.543 lb)
Spin Speed (RPM) 7200 RPM
Sustained data transfer rate 155MB/s
Average latency 4.16ms
Random read seek time 8.5ms
Random write seek time 9.5ms
I/O data transfer rate 600MB/s
Unrecoverable read errors 1 in 1015
MTBF 1,200,000 hours
Annual Failure Rate 0.73%
12V start max current 1.70A
5V start max current 0.60A
Average idle power 7.40W
Average operating power 11.33W
Ambient Temperature
Operating 5°–60°C
Nonoperating -40°–70°C
Maximum operating temperature change 20°C per hour
Maximum nonoperating temperature change 20°C per hour
Operating Shock (max) 70/40 Gs for 2ms
Nonoperating Shock (max) 300 Gs for 2ms
Acoustics (Idle Volume) 2.8 bels
Encryption Yes

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