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Alexa is a site providing information about the other websites available on the internet. Along with the site rank feature provided, the company presents various facilities to users.

Link for the site is Here

A list of the top ranked and most visited websites can be analysed on the site and can even be categorized on either a global basis, or by country and even by content of the websites. This list can also be downloaded and kept for later anaysis.

Alexa allows users to download its toolbar and status bar for free so that users can have an idea of the rankings of the websites they are visiting.

Alexa Status Bar
Status Bar:-

Alexa Toolbar

Note that registration is also free, though it is not required to download these plugins.

The toolbar contains additional featues such as:-
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: this allows users to view how popular a site is
  • Related Links: displays similar sites to the one you are visiting
  • Wayback: how a site looked in the past
  • Hot Pages and Searches: see what`s popular on the web at the moment
  • Website Reviews: see what other people think of the site and write your own thoughts of it

Webmasters can also compare their own sites with others and monitor how their site progress with time. Widgets and developper tools are available to indicate visitors of your site`s ranking as well as provide them with up-to-date information from Alexa.

Along with the websites, specific and most popular pages are listed so that we get an idea of the most visited pages while we are browsing.

A more recent facility provided by Alexa is known as the Alexa Site Audit. The Alexa Site Audit combines the Web analytics data of Alexa with an in-depth analysis of your site to provide you with the information and personalized recommendations necessary to improve your site and help you take control of your Web traffic.

It also suggests recommended SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) tips that could be implemented to improve your rankings as well as SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) suggestions. Many more facilites are provided with this feature. Share this post on Alexa

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