Unpack .sdc files

Unpack .sdc files

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This free and online tutorial reveals a great trick ( tip ) on how to unpack .sdc files. The tutorial will tell you how to use a simple program to unpack the files.

Unpacking files with .sdc extension

Firstly, you need to know what is MSDNAA?

MSDNAA stands for MSDN Academic Alliance. These programs are presented by Microsoft.

Now, what is a .sdc file? SDC stands for Secure Download Cabinet. The .sdc file format is a compressed and encrypted for delivering products on the Internet.

We will be using the Command Prompt Program to do this. You can access it by clicking on the start button and selecting RUN. Then enter “cmd” and click OK ( You can also access it by going through Start button > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt ).

You must make sure that the unpacksdc.exe is in the same folder as the .sdc files.

Press unpacksdc, followed by the name of the file ( e.g. filename.sdc ) and finally the hard disk on which your windows is installed ( e.g. C:/ ) as shown below.

Unpack .sdc files – Graphic 1

Now, let`s see what should we do when we have multi-part .sdc files.

You will firstly have to merge all the .sdc files into one .sdc file. To do this, we`ll use cmd itself and type copy /b, followed by the multiple .sdc parts. Each file must be separated by a “+”( e.g. filename_1.sdc+filename_2.sdc+filename_3.sdc ). Then enter a name for the file that has been formed from the multi-parts ( e.g. filename_merge.sdc ) as follows:

Unpack .sdc files – Graphic 2

Then just unpack the file ( i.e, filename_merge.sdc ) as taught for the first one.

Unpack .sdc files – Graphic 3

Now, let`s consider some of the problems when unpacking .sdc files. You can validate the file before unpacking it by using the sdc Unpacker without skipcrc switch. But if you can a “CRC Error”, this means that the file is broken and that the unpacker will not be able to unpack its contents ( you can still try decompressing it with the skipcrc and see if it works – type as in the following : unpacksdc filename.sdc C:\ /skipcrc ). If it doesn`t, try downloading it again or somewhere else.

Well, this ends our tutorial on how to unpack .sdc files. Hope you`ve learnt and benefited from the trick ( tip ). Share this post on Unpack .sdc files

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