Corsair memory on AMD's new APUs

Corsair memory on AMD's new APUs

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  • Corsair memory on AMD's new APUs

This post is about the advantages and benefits of using the high frequency Corsair memory on AMD`s new APUs. Originally written by Jake Crimmins at the Corsair blog on the 18th August 2011, the article discusses some of the test results obtained. Below is the post :-

The benefits of high frequency Corsair memory on AMD's new APUs

AMD recently launched their AMD Fusion™ APU's which integrate a GPU on the CPU. You might be asking yourself what is an APU? It is AMD's new Accelerated Processing Unit that combines a CPU and GPU on one chip. The GPU on the APU chip shares the system memory with the CPU. This makes memory frequency crucial to get the most out of your integrated GPU.

Gigabyte™ posted some results they got when they tested an AMD A8350 APU on a GIGABYTE A75-UD4H using Corsair Dominator® GT memory. They tested four different DirectX 11 titles with five different memory frequencies ranging from 1333MHz to 2400MHz. In one case going from the default 1333MHz to 2400MHz they almost doubled their frame rates!

Corsair memory on AMD new APUs

PC Perspective ran some tests with Corsair Dominator DDR3 memory with their modules clocked all the way up to 1866MHz. All five gaming tests saw an increase in frames per second when overclocking the memory. Here is what Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective had to say:

"Look at those AMD results, the differences are actually quite impressive. The boost from 1333 to 1600 MHz produced the most dramatic results though the jump to 1866 MHz (but at slightly slower timings) still brought performance up."

From the results above you can see high speed memory makes a large impact on the graphics performance using AMD's new chips. Motherboard manufacturers like Gigabyte have options on their AMD boards supporting frequencies up to 1866MHz and even 2400MHz when overclocked! Add in some high frequency Corsair Dominator or Vengeance™ DDR3 memory modules and you can get the best performance when using the integrated GPU on AMD's APU.

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