How to join .001, .002, … files?

How to join .001, .002, … files?

By Admin 10 April 2011 5 comments
  • How to join .001, .002, … files?

HJsplit to join .001, .002, ... files
This was the same issue that I thought of when I first saw files like .001, .002, … files. This is why I have written this tutorial to show you the proper way to join .001, .002, … files.

Actually, that`s not the only and main question for this tutorial on How to join .001, .002, … files. Joining .001, .002, … files is quite simple as you will learn in this tutorial.

However, during all the time that I have been joining .001, .002, … files, I once encountered a very annoying and difficult problem when trying to join .001, .002, … files. This tutorial is specially made to help you solve this problem.

As I said, joining .001, .002, … files is pretty easy. This can be done with HJsplit. HJsplit - File Splitter and Merger is a freeware and better than the other applications that can join .001, .002, … files. The link above will show you How to join .001, .002, … files and provide you with a free download link to download the latest version of HJsplit.

With HJsplit, if you need to, for example, join .001, .002, … files of the format: file.pdf.001, file.pdf.002, … it is very easy. The output file will be file.pdf (this can be opened by many programs).

Now, let`s see the problem I encountered when trying to join .001, .002, … files, which were of the format: file.001, file.002, … HJsplit gave the following output: file . The file did not have any extension – that is, it cannot be opened by any application. This is a big problem, especially if you took days to download the file.
Here is what I did to solve this problem:-

I right-clicked on the file.001 and choose the “Open with” option. Then I chose Winrar (actually, Winrar can also join .001, .002, … files). However, I recommend using HJsplit if you are not having this problem. HJsplit is free and you may at times encounter problems when using Winrar.

The Winrar window will open as with a .rar file and you can extract/join the .001, .002, … files into one. Note that only the .001 will be recognized but this is not a problem, it will start joining all files. Of course, all the .001, .002, .003, … files should be in the same folder.

When I did this and it joined, I obtained a folder instead of a file. That was why it had no extension with HJsplt. So, if ever you too have this problem, you know what to do to join the .001, .002, … files.

Now, that I remember, there`s another issue that I must informed you about How to join .001, .002, ... files. Sometimes, you may download files starting with .000, .001, .002, .... files. Winrar and the other programs mentioned here can do the thing.

An alternative way to make it work is to change the .000 file to .001, and the .001 file to .002, and so on. In this way, it will be like joining normal .001, .002, ... files.

I hope that this small additional information will help you.

Actually, it seems that 7zip and WinAce can also join .001, .002, … files but I never tried using them. Still, in my opinion, HJsplit remains the best when you need to join normal .001, .002, … files.

I personally informed the HJsplit team about this issue through email. If they read it, I am sure they will try to do their best to solve this problem with the next HJsplit. Share this post on How to join .001, .002, … files?

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5 comments for How to join .001, .002, … files?

  1. BGN,

    This was a great article which helps visitors who do not know how to open split archived files. I wanted to make a note, though, about another awesome tool I found for split and RAR archives.

    It's called nukeDL ( ) and it lets you paste in your DDL links for your RAR or SPLIT archives and starts streaming them in seconds. It's pretty awesome.

    Hope this helps someone!

  2. thanks a lot. i also wanted to know how to join these files.

    and thanks for the information about this issue, it would really have been a problem if i encountered this

  3. well, I usually use hjsplit to the extension of the download my .001

  4. @Gadgets For Blogspot,

    yeah, i also use hjsplit and i also prefer it over the others

  5. you can use Splitter and joiner FFSJ (not install)...very fast , very simple

    Download here:

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