AMD E-450 and E-300 APUs

AMD E-450 and E-300 APUs

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  • AMD E-450 and E-300 APUs

Today (the 15th September 2011), AMD released a press release on the AMD E-450 and E-300 APUs. Below is an article written by Godfrey Cheng at the AMD blog.

AMD E-450 and E-300 APUs
It has been nearly a year since AMD demonstrated the development platform for the APU product that we launched as the C and E-Series, a new APU designed for small form-factor notebooks, Ultrathins, and affordable desktop computers. AMD initially shared first looks at this revolutionary series of products with a limited number of press and industry analysts with the AMD E-350 APU as best in the range. AMD made a move that only we could in terms of combining discrete-class graphics with world-class x86, but the distinctive part was the intentional move to focus as much on discrete-class graphics as x86 for a true heterogeneous computing experience. At that time, AMD focused on our great graphics and video for our new and impressive APU. What we did not show was that these APUs also enable great power efficiency and battery life.

AMD double-downed in June by launching our A-Series APUs designed for mainstream and performance computers. The A-Series APU raised the bar on graphics and x86 performance and battery life for mainstream and performance systems, and again, the response has been overwhelming.

We recently launched the AMD E-450 and E-300 APUs, running at 1.65 GHz and 1.3 GHz, respectively. Systems based on the E-450 and E-300 deliver exceptional performance and value. Like systems based on the E-350, they also feature excellent video playback, DirectX 11-capable graphics and extremely power efficient x86 performance.

The AMD APU is revolutionary in many ways but it is important to highlight the significant contribution of power efficiency and battery life for mobile lifestyles. Before the AMD APU, many entry level notebooks did not have great battery life. The AMD E-450 and E-300 enable fantastic mobility and a great computing experience.

AMD provided a video about the AMD E-450 and E-300 APUs on Youtube. You can check it.

What you are seeing in the video are systems powered by the AMD E-450 and E-300, demonstrating that these systems:

  • Offer better battery life than competing systems based on our competitor’s products
  • When looking at scripting software to simulate real world workloads in productivity and gaming, these systems deliver the same or better performance in a more power efficient manner
  • Offer better power efficiency and better platform thermals, which can result in cooler user experience.

Turbo Clock
GPU Clock
GPU Clock (Turbo Mode)
1.65 GHz
Radeon HD 6320
508 MHz
600 MHz
18 W
1.3 GHz
Radeon HD 6310
488 MHz
18 W
1 GHz
1.33 GHz
Radeon HD 6290
276 MHz
400 MHz
9 W

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