Search Google by image

Search Google by image

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Google recently included a new feature that users can use for search queries and that`s to Search Google by image. That`s right, you have read it correctly, its Search Google by image and NOT Search Google for images. Well, everyone knows about searching for images with the Google search engine, but this is different.

Now, you can also search Google using an image itself as the keyword. That`s really an amazing addition to the Google search engine. Even now, Google is the #1 search engine, and with this new feature, we can now search using images.

What it does is that when you insert the image to be searched in the search string, Google tries to suggest a proper keyword for the image, tries to find similar images to the one you searched, and displays a list of sites that display the same exact image you searched.

So, if  you encounter an image and do not know what exactly it is, or the name of the image, you can just search Google using the image and you will be provided the all the information mentioned above. And like I said, Google will TRY to suggest these information, sometimes they will be exactly correct and at other times, you may obtain related information. Well, Google will surely improve this feature in the future.

Basically, what you need to do is to first go to Google images:

Then select the image you want to use to search Google and drag and drop it in the search string (you should notice a small camera picture on the string line of Google Image search - this indicates that you can search using Google). If the image is from another site, Google will search it and if it is from your computer, Google will first upload the image and then perform the search.

I tried to search using this image:

Search Google by images picture
Search Google by images picture 1

And this is the result page number 1 delivered by Google.

Search Google by images picture 2

Like I said, the system does not seems perfect right now. Sometimes, you may even obtain completely irrelevant results, but normally, it should work. Share this post on Search Google by image

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