GPU Computing C++ AMP fight Global warming

GPU Computing C++ AMP fight Global warming

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  • GPU Computing C++ AMP fight Global warming

GPU Computing C++ AMP fight Global warming
C++ AMP, as discussed in an earlier post at this blog, has been announced recently by Microsoft as an extension to the C++ programming language for GPU computing. Visual C++, being a really interesting programming language, loved and used by many programmers is being updated to support the latest technologies and use GPUs (graphics cards) along with the CPUs to boost the features and speed of programs being built.

At an event co-hosted by Microsoft and NVIDIA, the two companies discussed about GPU computing and talked to Silicon Valley C++ developers about C++ AMP and CUDA being two sides of the same coin: NVIDIA’S CUDA is optimized for high performance while C++ AMP will be optimized for productivity.

GPU Computing, C++ AMP is a way to fight Global warming 

At the event, it was shown how GPU computing, with the new C++ AMP extension would fight Global Warming with the crushing performance-per-watt advantage of C++ over competing programming languages. It is known that applications built using the C++ programming language are the best when it comes to fight Global Warming.

So, like I said in the earlier post regarding GPU Computing and C++ AMP, programmers and those learning programming, especially C++, should not neglect the next extension added to C++ programming language, as this seems to be the future of programming and applications. Also, I said above, GPU computing is a good way to fight the Global warming problem for a green environment. The C++ AMP extension is not available yet (we will have to way until Microsoft`s BUILD conference this fall), so let`s wait for the time to come.

The NVIDIA team also presented the basics of CUDA as well as Thrust , a CUDA library of parallel algorithms that makes programs more concise and human-readable at the event. This grabbed the interest of many. You can download CUDA and Thrust at
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