ASUS 9 Series Motherboards for AMD AM3+ platforms

ASUS 9 Series Motherboards for AMD AM3+ platforms

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  • ASUS 9 Series Motherboards for AMD AM3+ platforms

ASUS 9 Series Motherboards Perfect for New AMD AM3+ Platform

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With the release of AM3+ socket processors by AMD, ASUS is first in the market to provide a diversified 9-Series motherboard lineup to support the 32nm AMD FX Series CPUs, which are the first processors featuring up to eight cores on a single chip. Also onboard are NVIDIA® Quad-GPU SLI™ technology, providing more choice for users who wish to use a multi-GPU system and the popular Dual Intelligent Processors 2 (DIP2) feature, which has been hailed by media as “the best power management technology” in motherboards today. Along with DIP2, ASUS has adopted DIGI+ VRM, UEFI BIOS and exclusive USB 3.0 Boost technology, providing users with the world’s first complete UAS Protocol Support to instantly boost USB drive speeds by up to 170%. With the latest digital standards in ASUS AMD motherboards, performance is set to reach unprecedented levels as the most optimized BIOS for AM3+ CPUs are now available to consumers.

M5A99/97 Series Motherboards with DIP2
ASUS M5A99/97 Series motherboards offer the most compatible AMD AM3+ solutions available. Onboard the M5A99/97 core series motherboards is the latest DIGI+ VRM technology, which acts as a digital controller to perfectly match digital power signal (SVID) requests from the CPU. This eliminates digital-to-analog conversion lag, optimizing system performance and stability as well as greater power efficiency. System performance can also be customized with new specific DRAM power control, including CPU/NB load line calibration for increased voltage range and increased CPU/NB current capability for up to an extra 30% current capacitance. Performance testing using the Sandra benchmark yielded a 39.35% increase in performance over current AM3 CPUs, demonstrating the innovative DIGI+ VRM feature’s value, especially in regards to improving DRAM power control. Only with ASUS DIGI+ VRM can users have the most precise power control to unleash the full potential of AM3+ processors.

ROG Crosshair V Formula Motherboard with ThunderBolt
The current world record of 8.429GHz achieved on an AMD FX series processor was run on the Republic of Gamers Crosshair V Formula motherboard, demonstrating the extreme performance that ROG motherboards can achieve. A standalone version as well as a bundled version with ROG ThunderBolt both offer 3-Way SLI native support and are currently available in the market, giving gamers more choice than ever in how to dominate their opponent. The ROG ThunderBolt is a LAN/Audio combo card that reduces the processing power needed from the AM3+ processor and dedicates its power to where gamers need it most– delivering a hardcore gaming experience. An aspect that is often overlooked but nonetheless important is addressed in the ThunderBolt with the Bigfoot Networks LAN chip that optimizes and prioritizes network traffic for games. The ThunderBolt gives gamers an aural advantage, delivering incredible sound courtesy of class-leading XONAR™ audio with premium audio fidelity at over 116dB. The built-in high-end amplifier further boosts professional gaming headphones to unleash their true power for a truly immersive gaming experience. For the standalone version, a SupremeFX X-Fi 2 audio solution provides crystal clear audio while GameFirst technology prioritizes network traffic for games, ensuring that users never miss a beat in the action.

SABERTOOTH 990FX with aerospace-grade CeraM!X cooling tech
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ASUS is always committed to providing the most diversified product portfolio for a variety of users. For users looking for reliable performance, the SABERTOOTH 990FX provides the best choice with the exclusive Ceram!X Heatsink Coating Tech thermal design and Thermal Radar in addition to the previously mentioned ASUS exclusive DIGI+ VRM controls. CeraM!X is a revolutionary ceramics-coating technology that has a 50% larger area for heat dissipation, which replaces the traditional anti-oxidant design to dissipate heat better with its microscopic irregular surface and enlarged area. The TUF Thermal Radar monitors temps in critical parts of the motherboard in real time, automatically adjusting fan speeds to make sure the system maintains high stability without overheating.

The new features in the updated ASUS 9-Series motherboards combine to make a lineup with features not seen from any other manufacturers, which provide users with reliable stability and powerful performance suited for a variety of usage scenarios.

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