Fool a Keylogger

Fool a Keylogger

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This tutorial shows you a small computer tip/trick which shows you how to Fool A Keylogger. Now don`t try this at your place. Just go to a public place and do it there.

Follow the steps below to Fool a Keylogger:-

Nowadays, many person spy on you everywhere, in college, at work, maybe a trojan virus on your home PC which keylogs your paswords and mails it to someone else. If you think you are being logged, try this:

Whenever you have to type a password, never type the complete password in one go.

For example:-

If your password is WINDOWS

- You should type NDOW,
- then move cursor to start of the password field using the mouse ONLY,
- then type WI,
- then move cursor to end using the mouse
- and type S.

This way the logger will record your keystrokes as ndowwis instead of WINDOWS.

Haha, keylogger fooled.

However, you won`t have much chance with the good keyloggers. This only work with the simple ones. Share this post on Fool a Keylogger

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