Enermax PLATIMAX power supplies

Enermax PLATIMAX power supplies

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  • Enermax PLATIMAX power supplies

On the 21st Sept 2011, Enermax announced the PLATIMAX series power supplies in a press release, which was as follows:-

The Masterpiece of Power, PLATIMAX

Enermax PLATIMAX power supplies

The most powerful power supply is ready to hit the market. Enermax is pleased to release the new PLATIMAX power supply series, which has achieved the highest 80PLUS Platinum standard with maximum efficiency over 94%.

PLATIMAX offers wide range models from 500W to 1200W, satisfies a variety of heavy-duty platform from multiple-graphics-card workstation, industrial computer, or server, but also for the business application or home entertainment PC to bring ultimate energy efficiency, stable, and noiseless power quality.

PLATIMAX 1200W and 1050W class inherits the ENERMAX innovative designs, such as patented high-power-density transformer and the copper bridge array transmission technology. Furthermore, the strengthen heat sink and the clean layout enhance the cooling performance and reduce unnecessary heat, all contribute to break the 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency bottleneck. For 850W to 500W models, ENERMAX employs the enhanced Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology and pushes the efficiency up to 94%!

The whole series use 105oC Japanese electrolytic capacitors for, plus SafeGuard’s multiple safety control, multiple 12V rails and patented durable, ultra-quiet 13.9cm Twister-bearing fan give maximum durability, stability, safety, and silent performance. In addition, the clean, efficient layout housed in a decent coating chassis with black deco frame, PLATIMAX combines the technology and the aesthetics inside out and truly represents a Masterpiece of Power.

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