Flashget - Free Download Manager

Flashget - Free Download Manager

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Flashget is a leading download manager with the highest amount of users on the internet.

Flashget is a freeware, free of adware or spyware.

The program uses MHT ( Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation ), supports various protocols and has excellent document management features.

Flashget allows users to apply splits to their downloads and has a pause function. Flashget also has an auto-shutdown function. Users can download several files simultaneously.

Detailed information about the file being downloaded is available and can be easily analysed using the grapical grids representing the amount of bytes remaining for the file to be completed. Batched downloads can be carried out and they automatically start after the other is complete.

FTP and proxy configuration can be changed in the "Option" section of Flashget. Settings can also be configured for specific sites. For example, if you have a premium account at rapidshare, you can directly insert the username and password of that account in the download manager ( Flashget ) and you quickly start downloading without having to go to rapidshare first.

Some of the features of Flashget is listed below ( both recent and old ):-

Flashget Free Download Manager freeware feature 1
  • FlashGet can call anti-virus automatically to clean virus,spyware and adware after finishing download
  • FlashGet can use up the lowest system resources and will not influence your normal work or study

Flashget Free Download Manager freeware feature 2
  • Flashget uses MHT technique and optimization arithmetic and it can split downloaded files into sections and supports multipoint transfers in parallel. Moreover, the techniques (UDCT, Ultra Disk Cache Tech) can protect your hard disk and make you download more stable

Flashget Free Download Manager freeware feature 3
  •  FlashGet supports HTTP,FTP,BT,MMS,RTSP and other protocols. It is seamless between protocols and there is no need to operate manually for download switch.
    The One Touch technique optimizes BT download and can automatically download target files after getting seeds information, hence no need to operate again

Flashget Free Download Manager freeware feature 4
  • Flashget supports unlimited categories. Each category is assigned a download saving directory. The powerful management feature

Flashget Free Download Manager freeware options
  • Flashget also allow users to download the all files whose links are listed on a specific page. Of course, files from sites that require authentification codes will not be automatically downloaded ( e.g. rapidshare, unless you have a premium account )

  • Videos from some streaming sites can be downloaded with Flashget ( e.g. from Youtube )

  • Galleries can be built

Download and Reference Area for Flashget The Download Manager:-

Download Latest Version of Flashget
Online Help for Flashget
Download Manager: Flashget User Manual
Browse Flashget User Manual Online
Download Flashget Addons
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