Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+

Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+

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  • Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+

This article deals with the Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+. If you use the Lenovo X series laptop, then you are surely one who prefers system performance as well as laptop mobility, which are two opposing factors. Well, the new Lenovo X220 Slice Battery is your solution.

Officially announced on the 15th March 2011, Lenovo presents the public yet another of its innovative solution for a powerful and mobile system, with an excellent battery life through the Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+.

Laptop users know that the battery one of the most important piece for the computer, especially for mobility. For some time, Lenovo has been providing a variety of batteries for better life (4-cell, 6-cell and 9-cell) to such an extent that they took the term ‘all day computing’ to another level.

The Lenovo Battery 19+ is a new battery for ThinkPad X220 and X220 tablet that provides an additional 8 hours to the battery. Now, if used with the other good battery, users can experience a very long battery life with only one charge.

With a ‘slice’ design, the Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+ fits itself at the bottom of the system. Though it naturally weighs a bit heavier than usual, the combination is still considered to be light.

The Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+ can have an AC Adapter plugged in to it even in the absence of the computer. So, users can charge it at home, while using the laptop or tablet with mobility. Additionally, users can verify if the Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+ will soon be fully charged through a button.

Here is some details about the Lenovo X220 Slice Battery 19+:-

Power management
Battery type(s): Li-Polymer

Battery Types: Li-Polymer
Battery Voltage: 11.1 V
Power: 64 Watts/Hr

Technical Information
Supported Platforms: ThinkPad X220, X220t, X220 Tablet

Environmental Information
Maximum Operating: 95 %
Maximum Operating Temperature: 35 C
Minimum Operating Humidity: 8 %
Minimum Operating Temperature: 5 C

Depth Metric: 206.48 mm
Height Metric: 238 mm
Height US: 9.37 in
Weight Metric[2]: 0.94 Kg
Weight US[2]: 1.66 lbs
Width Metric: 378 mm
Width US: 14.89 in
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