New Blogger draft design

New Blogger draft design

By Admin 07 June 2011 1 comment
  • New Blogger draft design

Those bloggers using Blogger in draft mode have probably already noticed the new design in which the dashboard is presented to us.

When I checked, I saw that this is currently only on Blogger draft, but I think it will soon apply to the normal Blogger design too. You may want to know why I use the draft mode of Blogger: well, that`s quite simple. All the new features that will be implemented on the normal Blogger design are first available at Blogger draft first. There, we can try and give feedback to the Google Blogger administrators so that they can correct them.

So, you should have understand by now that Blogger draft has more features than the normal default Blogger design presented to the blog administrators. To view Blogger in draft, you need only check the box on the dashboard.

Well, here I`ll be talking about the new design of Blogger. As you can see below, the look is quite different. A completely new design at the homepage, with the list of blogs displayed at the left, with various basic information about them, and a "New Post" and "Dashboard" buttons. Obviously, these two buttons allow you to create a new post or go to the Dashboard of the blog. (Well, actually the list of blogs are to the left, I forgot to indicate it with an arrow in the pic)

New Blogger Draft homepage

Take a look at the dashboard too. It`s quite different. Even as I`m writing this post, the platform is different. Just try and see. There`s the "Send feedback" option at the top. Well, Blogger administrators are surely waiting for our feedback s about the new design.

New Blogger Draft dashboard

Now, the reason I made this post is because of a simple reason. If we look back, there has always been the same problem raised up upon the coming of new designs and features. Users have always been complaining. If we look at Office 2003/Office 2007, Windows 7/Windows XP, VB6/VB2010, ... most people refuse to move forward.

If you remember about Office 2007 at the start, users even downloaded a special program to turn the ribbon back to the way the options used to be displayed at first. And everyone who has used Office 2007 know that Office 2007 is far better than 2003, in every aspect, including the design, ribbon, .... Of course, some are arguable, like Windows XP and Windows 7, but the fact is that most of these people refuse to move on.

So, I`m guessing that many would not like new design. At a first look, I think the new design would be better. The way the options are organised, the design, .... I think it will help a lot. Then again, I think that the administrators made this new design to improve things, not to make things worst. I just took a look at the code editor when writing a new post, the font is also better than before - more code-like font...

Even so, there may still be errors, bugs, and things that are worst than before. Have you seen or come across then? We can still send feedback. So, what do you think of the new design. This was only my opinion. Let`s hear yours.


Actually, I`ve been searching for the place where I can modify the codes of my template, but could not find it. Do you know where this can be done?

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  1. well, the only option right now if you want to edit the template code is to go to the normal blogger and make the change there.

    that`s the first problem. is there others?

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