ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler

ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler

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  • ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler

ENERMAX introduces a new down flow CPU cooler, the ETD-T60 series

ENERMAX thermal team presents the new CPU cooler, ETD-T60, with down flow solutions and thermal resistance down to 0.12°C/W, a breakthrough for down flow CPU coolers!

ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler

ETD-T60 combines six Ø6mm heat pipes that cross from two sides of the heat sink with enhanced soldering technology to ensure flawless thermal conduction from CPU to heat sink. The fins of ETD-T60 series are added with ENERMAX’s unique VGF, VEF technology and Twister-bearing fan.

Furthermore, the ETD-T60 is attached with ENERMAX’s new patented AAP (Auto-Adjustable-Pressure) universal brackets. The AAP brackets support various CPU sockets and gives perfect contact force (18~28kgw) in between CPU and cooler. Thanks to AAP, the insufficient thermal conduction due to under-pressure or damage to CPU from over-pressure will be no longer an issue for users.

Genius design for best cooling performance
ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler picture 2
1. VGF (Vortex Generator Flow, patented): 
Small Vortex Generators applied around the heat pipes that makes air go through the windless area behind the heat pipes of 55 fins to maximize air convection and remove heat that conventional designs cannot reach.

2. VEF (Vacuum Effect Flow):
The unique design on the heat sink creates an air channel with the fin flaps. That makes more cool air sucked in by utilizing the differential pressure in between the heat sink’s internal and external air temperature.

ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler picture 3  3. AAP (Auto-Adjustable-Pressure, patented):
Inside the bracket’s pillars, ENERMAX integrates Auto-Adjustable-Pressure mechanism giving perfect contact force between CPU and cooler. It reduces the risk of insufficient cooling performance caused by improper installation.

ENERMAX’s ETD-T60 CPU Cooler series includes two models with different fan designs.

                                          ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler picture 4               ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler picture 5
FAN 12 cm PWM, Twister bearing 12cm, PWM, Twister bearing,Red & Blue circular LED + 11 switchable lighting mode
Fan mounting Metal clip x 2 Fan Cover Mount x 1
MSRP $64.99 $74.99

For more information, please contact your nearest ENERMAX subsidiaries or authorized distributors.

Data taken from a press release on the 19th Sept 2011 from Enermax at http://www.enermax.com/home.php?fn=eng/press_b_1&no=21 Share this post on ENERMAX ETD-T60 series CPU cooler

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