NVIDIA GeForce R285 Beta Drivers

NVIDIA GeForce R285 Beta Drivers

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  • NVIDIA GeForce R285 Beta Drivers

NVIDIA GeForce R285 Beta Drivers
Today (the 13th September 2011), NVIDIA announced the beta release of the R285 drivers, which comes with many improvements and fixes.

GeForce users, take note – our first batch of GeForce R285 drivers are now available for download on GeForce.com. This new driver provides yet another performance boost for GeForce 400 and 500 series users and provides updated features and functionality for 3D Vision, PhysX and SLI. The equivalent notebook R285 Verde driver is also available for download for on GeForce.com.

Here are some GeForce R285 driver highlights:

  • Performance boost across a variety of games with a single GeForce 400 series or 500 series GPU
  • Performance boost across a variety of games with NVIDIA SLI technology
  • New PhysX System Software version
  • Support for viewing 3DVisionLive.com and YouTube 3D with NVIDIA SLI technology.
  • Window mode is now the default viewing option for the 3D Vision Photo Viewer.
  • Support for OpenGL 4.2 for GeForce 400 series and 500 series GPUs.

Filled with performance improvements, fixes, and new and updated 3D Vision profiles, the drivers are an essential upgrade for those seeking the absolute best from their games.

Of most interest will be the aforementioned performance improvements. On the GeForce GTX 580, SLI users can expect to receive frame rate boosts.

Resolved Single GPU Issues in NVIDIA GeForce R285 Beta Drivers
  • Battle Realms: The mini-map is blank.
  • GeForce 400 series, 3D Vision: Stereoscopic 3D cannot be disabled using the IR emitter button.
  • GeForce 400 Series: Company of Heroes – there are thin yellow lines of corruption when played in DirectX 10 mode with Transparency AA enabled.
  • GeForce 500 series: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – the game stutters in certain maps after several minutes of gameplay.
  • GeForce 500 series: GPU power levels appear to fluctuate unnecessarily while navigating the Firefox browser.
  • GeForce 500 Series: Stereoscopic 3D does not work in windowed mode if Aero is enabled after enabling 3D Stereo.
  • GeForce 500/400 Series: After changing the brightness and color settings using the NVIDIA Control Panel, the settings do not take effect.
  • GeForce GTX 560 Ti: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – there is corruption on the edges of some objects when Transparency AA is enabled.
  • NVIDIA Control Panel: Changes made on the Adjust Desktop Color Settings page are not preserved across a system reboot.
  • NVIDIA Update: Clicking the new driver notification balloon does not open a browser to the NVIDIA driver download page. Instead, the NVIDIA Update window appears.
  • NVIDIA Update: Error message occurs when applying changes made to the NVIDIA Update preferences.

Resolved Multi-GPU Issues in NVIDIA GeForce R285 Beta Drivers

  • Adobe Flash: Blue-screen crash occurs when playing Adobe flash content at HD resolutions and then switching to full-screen mode.
  • GeForce 400 series: Aion – the game performs poorly when SLI is enabled.
  • The Witcher – the game performs poorly when SLI is enabled.

The beta drivers can be downloaded at http://www.geforce.com/Drivers/Beta

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