Winrar - Powerful Archive Manager

Winrar - Powerful Archive Manager

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  • Winrar - Powerful Archive Manager

Winrar - Powerful Archive Manager interface
Winrar is an amazing and powerful archive manager that can compress, split and extract/merge files. In my opinion, Winrar is a must-have tool on any computer as most files are protected with it on the internet and it provides a lot of functions.

Winrar is actually a shareware. You can use the trial version of the program but it is recommended that you buy it.

Winrar is a very powerful tool as a compressor and can compress very big files into small once to save space. You can even prevent users from exploring the compressed files if they do not know the password.

While compressing and splitting, users can include passwords to protect their data even in the compressed form.

As a splitter and compressor, Winrar can use both the .rar and .zip extension. The smaller parts is like the following: file.part001.rar, file.part002.rar, ...

Winrar has many options that it provides to the users like, scan for viruses, test archive, type of compression, size of split files, place comment in archives, and more ...

Further options allow users to search for files in the archive, generate reports and organize a 'favorites' list.

Users can even select only a few files that they want to use from the archive and extract only these from the whole Double-clicking automatically extracts the file in the temporary folder and opens it with the its appropriate program.

Among the extensions that are recognized by Winrar are: rar, zip, cab, arj, lzh, ace, 7-zip, tar, gzip, uue, bz2, jar, iso, z, .r00, ....

With Winrar, you will not need different compressing, splitting or merging tools installed on your computer.

Additionally, Winrar can even open .001, .002, .003, ... files and can even resolve an issue that the best .001, .002, .003, ... files merger, HJsplit cannot at this time. Read this tutorial on How to join .001, .002, ... files? to learn more.

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